Nicholas Carmichael

Winner of

Upper Secondary Category

Written Statement

I chose the title Bioluminescence because it outlines what is creating the blue light illuminating the water. The source of the bioluminescence is noctiluca scintillans a species of algae that produces blue light when agitated. I decided to explore bioluminescence in the theme Turbulence because turbulence in the water is needed for the algae to create a beautiful light show. The hardest technical challenge when shooting was getting the algae exposed properly and manually focusing the macro shots all while trying not to get wet. To achieve greater clarity and noise reduction I bracket the images shot at a wide angle to create more dynamic range. The location of the photos is on the eastern shore of the Derwent river in Hobart. The element which complements the wide angled photography is the silhouette of Kunanyi (Mount wellington) in the background.


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