A Series of Motion


Dennis Huang

Finalist in

Upper Secondary Category

Written Statement

When thinking of the theme turbulence, my mind first wandered to the idea of motion within photographs. Therefore, I decided to include motion as a crucial aspect within all three of my photo – as without motion, there can be no physical turbulence. To capture the essence of motion within a still picture, a slow shutter speed was used across all three photographs to give natural motion blur. In low light and in fast panning situations this was achievable as there was either a lack of light (enabling a low shutter) or a high velocity of motion allowing for the blurring of some parts of the frame. However, for the river picture, an ND filter had to be used along with a high f-stop to utilise a slow shutter on a bright day.

My photos explore the theme of turbulence by attempting to find order within – or the other way around. They seek to find an orderly way turbulence can be presented, such as with the turbulence in the water of the river shot, or how there can be order in pure, turbulent chaos – as with the light-painting shot. As such they seek to explore the theme by flipping the theme on its head, and by juxtaposing the theme with its antonym.


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