Surging Sea


Trinity Hasler


St Denis School, WA

Winner of

Upper Primary Category

Written Statement

Turbulence has an inconsistent effect on everyone, and it is unpredictable. You cannot guess when turbulence is going to hit, but when it does, it can be quite harmful. The most common places that turbulence can take place are on airplanes and boats. But, turbulence only happens on these crafts because of the conditions these crafts are in. Airplane turbulence happens because of shaky air, or when planes go through clouds. Like planes, boats only tip because of the turbulence in the water. That’s why I decided to base my photos off the sea, and the roughness of the waves.

I tried to capture the way that waves could be deadly, and how turbulent they are in my photos. The way that the waves pushed up against the rocks was very unstable and unsettled. After the waves hit the rocks, they made consistent little waves that continued all the way up to the shore. It started spreading throughout the rest of the shore. This is an example of the consistent turbulence. Turbulence in the ocean never stops!

All I needed to take these photos was my GoPro! Everything else was already at the beach. I used natural lighting from the sun, and then I just let the waves do their thing! I was able to capture a few good photos, but these three were the best!


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