Sasha Wyatt


St Denis School, WA

Finalist in

Upper Primary Category

Written Statement

Turbulence can be found in many different ways that can be unexpected and in situations we would never possibly think of. For my theme I captured three photos that all demonstrate the word ‘splash’. Splash can be found in many different ways that can be turbulent. When the word ‘splash’ comes into your mind the first thing a lot of people would think of is water. Therefore I demonstrated this in my first photo. When a person jumps into a pool the turbulence is found when the water all rises and splashes down around the pool. The pool also has small and rough waves splashing around. The water is moving unsteadily and violently.

For my second photo, I captured a bowl of overflowing cereal. As I said turbulence can be unexpected and found in things that we might see right before our eyes. This photo happens to lots of people everyday. It represents turbulence as the milk and cereal is pouring out of of the bowl and bubbles are forming in the milk.

For my third photo I captured a splash of colour. The turbulence can be found when lots of colours begin mixing together. This is a confusion of colours. The middle of the colours are mixing together causing a turbulent mix. The colours in this photo aren’t steady, calm or in a particular pattern.


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