Wind Change


Amanda Clarke

Finalist in

Open Category

Written Statement

Many investigations have studied the effects of high level wind turbulence; and the results are not all bad.

In the first image colour blocking has helped to highlight the negative elements of high level wind turbulence. Most of us know how powerful wind is and how devastating it can be when unleashed in vulnerable areas. capturing the bright colours of the umbrella, the fusion of two completely conflicting colours (grey background) creates a sense of dull and gloom as the turbulence of the wind moves the umbrella.

The second image of scientific jars taken up close to enabled the integrate details of the subjects to be highlighted, whilst also creating an illusion of height. Turbulence is an omnipresent phenomenon – and one of the great mysteries of physics. Research into the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of wind turbulence remains ongoing. Researchers have discovered that wind is also a valuable source of kinetic energy.

Modern windmills, such as the ones depicted in the third image, use a wind turbine to generate electricity. The much used negative space in this photo ensures that the pink hat is the highlight of the image. In doing so it depicts how how powerful the wind is by creating a strong feeling of movement.


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