Turbulent Canberra


Turbulent Canberra


Melrose High School, ACT

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

Using a long exposure photo shows fine flaming metal elements spraying out of the circle. It tells a story of the violent forces acting on the spinning and burning object. Illustrating the turbulence that occurs when objects are under pressure from multiple forces. The molten metal is thrown out from the seemingly still object of the circle, landing metres from its origin. However, it is the spinning force and the heat that are creating turbulence enough to pull the flaming object into literal pieces.

The second photo again uses long exposure to capture the unsteady movement of water. As the flow of the river is broken, it is thrown chaotically over the edge of the rock shelf forming the waterfall. This represents the surging chaos in turbulent water as it is forced to change when the stability of the riverbed is taken away. What had appeared as a single body of water, flowing along the river it is broken into single droplets spraying in all directions. This photo demonstrates the movement of the water through the blurred water movement captured by the long exposure.

My final photo shows the sun setting on the horizon and the effect that has on the landscape that is left behind. It also shows what happens when you’re looking near and far all at once. It represents the turbulence of thought that happens when you’re trying to take in too much creating a state of confusion. In this confused state you can’t calm the turbulence you have to choose to focus on the one thing to have anything clear. The contrast of the colours between the black silhouettes and the brilliant orange sunset creates a strong image. The warmth of the orange adds to the feeling of confusion by the suggestion of heat and fire.


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