Leaving Trails, Making Dust


Hamish Gaden

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

Turbulence creates change, and brings chaos. I photographed our buggy because it means chaos to me. Each time it gets used, something breaks. Something snaps, something bends, something explodes. Yet no matter what happens we fix it and we use it again. It doesn’t matter where the buggy goes or who is driving, it’s always chaotic and very fun.

My First photo (105mm ISO 400 f/6.3, 1/800) captures the buggy dramatically turning onto the road leaving a trail of dust. This photo relates to turbulence through movement and motion because of the buggy’s speed. I stood back for this shot so that I could incorporate the whole buggy into the frame. For this shot I also captured the ‘no entry’ sign in the background. I wanted this to show that what we were doing was slightly dangerous, as that added to the chaos and turbulence of the photo.

The second photo (105mm ISO 400 f/6.3, 1/800) showcases the buggy mid-drift. Evidently chaotic, this photo represents turbulence and shows the insane fun that the buggy brings to life. I wanted the photo to be up close, as it meant the buggy filled and went outside the frame. This affected the photo as it makes it an in-your-face picture, which adds to the chaos.

Finally, my third photo (105mm ISO 400 f/10, 1/100) shows the buggy entering a corner at speed. This photo is chaotic as it shows the crazy movement of the wheels (which was a result of the slower shutter speed). I wanted this effect because it shows movement, which relates to turbulence.


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