Corona Virus


Millie English and Jenna Campbell


Toorak College, Vic.

Winner of

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

Coronavirus is causing turbulence in our lives. The way these images have been captured as we adjusted the shutter speed so that we could create different images with light. These images have been taken off a sphere chandelier.

Our first photograph represents the start of the coronavirus. We created it by zooming out slightly while the photo was being taken. The photo is actually of a chandelier in our own science building at school. We then photoshopped it and took out the background that could have been a distraction from the main focus.

The second photo is of COVID spreading more rapidly. We took it using the same concept as before except we zoomed out further and quicker, and we photoshopped it. By taking out the background and cropping it.

The last photograph in our series of photographs is of COVID going crazy and out of control as it did in our lives. We took it off the same chandelier but just moved the camera in a circle like motion quickly.


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