Jovianne Tan


The Essington School, NT

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

Speed is a self-portrait portraying time flying past too fast, and not being able to calm down and enjoy a certain moment. It represents how one cannot live in a certain happy moment, before it comes to its inevitable end, and therefore only mere moments can occasionally be captured before disappearing. I had taken this photo by dressing in black to match the black backdrop and turning the shutter speed down to capture my movement as I quickly turned my head multiple times until I captured the correct shot of a side angle morphing into a direct shot.

My second self-portrait Dissolving was created by turning the camera to a high exposure and taking a photograph from a downward angle in an outdoor area. I then proceeded to apply the photograph into Photoshop, remove objects from the background and use the liquify tool to give the illusion that I am slowly dissolving away. The intention of my portrait is to imaginatively display confusion and the ideology of slowly fading away without a proper set purpose. As an adolescent, confusion is something I contend with every day, figuring out what I want to do for future school, who I want to be, who I want as friends, what my personality is like, etc.

Confusion was taken by setting up a black backdrop and using multiple exposure with red and blue lights, my eyes facing different directions after each shot, I then edited the background according to how I wanted it to turn out.


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