Lovett Through the Lens


Angus Nicol

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

I chose to explore the theme of fragility through the delicate nature of the Lovett Bay ecosystem. Lovett Bay is located on the western shore of Pittwater, NSW, and contains a wide range of habitats, from a rare patch of costal rainforest to a magnificent Spotted Gum forest. These areas contain a wide variety of fascinating flora and fauna. Lovett Bay was bursting with possibility.

The photos were taken at midday, under a canopy of the trees, creating a soft patchy cornucopia of contrasting light. This provided the perfect backdrop for the three photos presented. Each photo required a different shutter speed and exposure time. I chose to focus on the subject and allow the background to blur.

On the photo of the butterfly I used an aperture of F6.3, which made the butterfly stand out against the blurry background. The cicada shell photo had a shutter speed of 1/60, which allowed more light to pass through the camera lens and create a more defined and brighter image. Again, with the spider photo, I chose to use an aperture of F6.3 to isolate and highlight the spider. I was really pleased with how the moisture drops in the spider’s web look like a galaxy of stars.


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