Anastacia Arnaoutis

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

The concept of ‘fragility’ allowed me to take photographs I normally would not even think of. My first thoughts when hearing the word fragility was to be easily broken, so that was the inspiration for my photographs. My photos show vulnerability and fragility as a state of mind. I believe that my three photographs show fragility in three unique ways.

For my first photograph, it is a close–up of a broken mirror. I had broken the mirror and saw some opportunities to take some close–up images. I took this from a high angle so there are leading lines drawing focus to the center of the image. I edited this image with Photoshop, increasing brightness and contrast, and made the image black and white. This enhanced all the qualities within the photograph.

For my second photograph, I had captured an image of my model’s eye in a shard of glass. I had had taken this photo in the afternoon when there was good lighting. I took this from eye–level and framed the eye near the center of the image. There is a shallow depth of field, as well as high contrast between the shard of glass and the navy blue background. I also edited this image in Photoshop, increasing the brightness, contrast, vibrance and saturation to enhance the photograph.

For my final image, I captured a close–up of the model. This image specifically shows fragility as you can see tears in the model’s eyes showing a strong sense of vulnerability. This was taken from eye–level and was taken in the afternoon for good lighting purposes. Again, there is a shallow depth of field. There is also strong contrast between the model and the navy blue background. I enhanced this photograph in Photoshop by increasing brightness, contrast, vibrance and saturation.


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