The Patterns Water Creates


Lili Kablau

Finalist in

Upper Secondary Category

Written Statement

When the word ‘texture’ came to mind, my mind went to a 100 places of how I could choose to explore the idea and what I could potentially do with the theme. My mind kept going back to this idea of water and the movements that sand creates, producing these breathtakingly beautiful patterns within the sand. I began to think of how I could achieve this, was I going to send the drone up, or take it from flat angle?

I settled on the idea of the drone as I could get a bird’s eye view or what the sand was doing. I flew up and was taking the shots as pictured and I was amazed with how with the use of the bird’s eye view and the correct light created these photos where the water looked so incredibly clear as if I had edited it majorly when I really only adjusted the light portions of the photos.

All my photos show the textures of the ocean, the way the rocks catch light, how the sand moves under the water, the pristine water and the shapes of the sand. I have positioned my photos to consequently show each different texture in one while trying to keep it symmetrical and not too full. In all my works I have aimed to show the texture that water and sand create as one as a result of the motions below the water.


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