The Beauty of Simplicity


Rachael Janse Van Rensburg

Finalist in

Upper Secondary Category

Written Statement

The world around us is rich in texture. Every item on this planet is aligned with its own unique, intricate structures and elemental properties that provide our human experience with depth and emotional connections.

This theme of texture opened my eyes to what it means to create a photo with meaning. With every shot I took a new world was discovered and I was fully entranced by my gained understanding concerning the delicacy of our natural world. I was fascinated by the complexity of the simple objects we take for granted which inspired me to portray this message through imagery.

I chose to create a series of visual images depicting the mesmerising beauty of simplicity through colours, patterns and value. Using nature’s handmade gifts as my models, I slowly unearthed the mysterious and complex structures within different elements of this planet. Each image I chose unravels the realness of nature, using texture to open the viewer’s eyes to the allure regarding familiar elements of our world to evoke imagination and challenge the observer’s perception of what is real.


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