Textures of Nature


Kelvin Hands


Great Southern Grammar, WA

Finalist in

Upper Secondary Category

Written Statement

The first image is composed of a dead branch in the centre. Around the dead branch, the photo has been purposefully blurred to focus directly on the dead branch and give it emphasis. I composed the photo this way to make the viewer feel somewhat sad about the dead branch, as you can see the other green branches in the background. I wanted to create this effect to show the minute differences and uniqueness of every leaf, branch, tree and landscape in nature.

The second image is composed of a leaf of some rye grass in the centre. The background behind the grass is a mix of dead and living grass, creating great contrast. I composed the photo this way to make the viewer feel the loneliness and isolation of the grass. I wanted to create this effect to show and contrast the different states of our environment all over the world.

The third image is composed of a stick with moss in the centre. In this photo, the moss for me represents disgust. Around the stick, the photo has been blurred to isolate it from the surrounding wilderness and to focus on the imperfections and flakes of the moss, representing texture. I composed the photo this way to show the viewer the rough and holey texture of the moss to show them that nature is beautiful and ugly at the same time.

I explored the images in this way to put on show and create awareness about our natural landscape, how unique every leaf can be. These photos have been colour-enhanced through the use of Adobe Photoshop and were mostly taken as close ups at eye-level to neutralise any power. Some of the photos were taken at a high camera angle to make the subject feel weaker.


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