In the Garden


Chloe Stafford

Finalist in

Upper Secondary Category

Written Statement

To me as a photographer, texture is more than just the appearance of a surface or the way something feels. To me, texture is capturing every single element of an object. Textural photos should have emotion, depth and make you feel something.

To create these photos, I used an ISO between 100 and 200. To create the leaf photo, I used a shutter speed of 1/125 and a wide open aperture in order to capture the texture of the leaves. For the photo of the bird’s eye I had to use a higher shutter speed as it was continually moving, so I used 1/640. For this photo I also used an ISO of 200 as it was in a dark environment. For the photo of the flower I also used an ISO of 100 and aperture of 3.5 to highlight the texture of the centre of the flower. Finally, in post-production I cropped the photos to focus on the texture and adjusted the blacks, whites and shadows to accentuate the texture.


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