Isla Daisy Shering

Winner of

Upper Primary Category

Written Statement

I chose to look at textures that are around you everyday in a completely different way. And how do you find these textures? Through your senses! I’ve chosen three senses to base my entry on.

The first is touch. The photo is of my gran. She found a lovely leaf in our garden, and I couldn’t help myself but take a photo. Firstly, I loved the way the leaf had a texture similar to her hand. Secondly, I loved how veins are both in the plant and in my gran’s hand. This photo is a perfect reflection of my gran as she loves trees. Running her hand along the trunk of an old tree on a lovely bush walk up Mt Wellington, she would say the ‘Beautiful Old Fellow’.

The second is sight. I just love how there are three totally different textures in the one photo of my dog’s eye. The glassy-ness of Indy’s eye, the softness of her fur and the scaliness of the skin surrounding her eye. To take the photo took about 100 shots. My dog will do anything for a treat, so in the reflection of her fiery-looking eye, you see my mum holding up a dog treat and myself trying to capture the shot before she jumps for the cookie.

The third and final shot is of my dog’s nose. This is probably my favourite as I love the texture of her nose. It’s scaly, but then again it looks soft and wet, too. It reminds me of the cracked earth in a drought. I personally feel it contrasts well with the fur on her muzzle. And of course, how could I forget her cute little whiskers?

So these are the textures that surround me everyday.


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