The Feeling of Living Things


Lauren Watson

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Written Statement

Usually when I think of the concept of texture I think of rocks and shells and sand and plants and many other non-living things. However when I stopped to really think about the textures I loved to feel most, it is the sensation of touching living things.

When I stopped to look at the defining textures of the living things surrounding me, I made discoveries I had not previously considered. There are some living things things that, when I look carefully through a glass lens, I am impulsively attracted to touch and feel. I want to touch the knitted texture of the pouch of the pelican’s beak. I want to feel those tiny feathers and the rubbery yellow eyes. I want to feel the lanolin in the fleece laying on the crunchy sawdust of the shed floor and compare to the rippled texture of the freshly shorn clean sheep. I want to quickly touch the cold hard metal of the sharp clippers. I want to poke the veins and brush along the wrinkles on the farmer’s weathered arms. I want to touch the sheep’s trusting nose. I want to stroke the puppy dog’s ears and pat his boy’s spiky coarse hair as they embrace in their mutual snuggle. I want to feel the warmth and love of this boy and his puppy, in the contrast and unity and peace in their moment.


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