Smooth Patterns


Stefanie Noel

Finalist in

Open Category

Written Statement

Thinking of texture, I tried to explore the softness of feathers. I have always admired the colours of peacock feathers, so I tried to display those. I found that by adding water droplets I could really play with those colours as they reflect in the water droplets. I used a macro lens to display even the littlest hairs and natural sunlight in a studio-like setting. While working with reflections in the water droplets, I had the idea of photographing a very fluffy feather on a dark reflecting surface. I used an IPad and the flash, but had to edit this photo later on the PC to eliminate any other reflections showing and to enhance the texture of the feather. The last photo of the wave is something I have toyed with for a long time being a mother of a beach-loving family. The curling wave appears almost like ice – it is so smooth although the foam has got a kind of softness to it. I used the sports mode for this photo because of the speed of the wave.


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