Texture in Nature


Rishi Bajpai

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do and while visiting new places I love to explore the environment through its texture. All three of these photos were taken during my travels throughout Australia in 2019.

Red Centre Fly: f3.5 1/400 ISO100

The first image, of the fly sitting on aged wood was taken at Uluru, the Red Centre. This fly (among hundreds of others) was sitting on this beautiful wooden handrail at the Uluru Sunrise Viewpoint. I took this photo as it would be a reminder of how many flies hover around the Northern Territory, and it included the texture of one of my favourite materials, wood.

Crevice with Flowing Water: f14 1/800 ISO100

The second image was taken near some cliffs at La Perouse, an environment with the drastic opposites of the Red Centre. While snapping shots of the smooth cliff faces, (which can be seen in the top right corner of the picture) I caught a glimpse of this, eroded crevice in the rocks with sea water running through. Because of its low level, and the fact that water and DSLR cameras don’t mix well, I had to take multiple ‘blind’ attempts before getting it just right. What I enjoy about this image is how well it has managed to capture both the rough texture of the crevice walls and the lightly rippled water running through.

Rusting Bar on Shells: f5.6 1/60 ISO100

The third image was also taken near La Perouse while walking along hidden parts of the local beach. I spotted this bar of rusting metal and realised the lovely texture of the rust and the shells on which it lay on. I also placed a piece of interesting, ‘spikey’ textured seaweed on it, which I had found washed up on shore.


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