Mackenzie Houlahan

Winner of

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

My three photographs portray, describe and display texture in three unique ways and capture texture on camera.

One photo is of the pattern formed on the surface of the water. I took this photograph at the beach at the shallow end near the sand. With a bit of editing to this photograph the water was shown in its deeper vibrant, yellow-green colour. I believe this photograph portrays texture as you can see ripples in the water which helps describe the texture of the water to the audience. However, the pattern in the sea formed by shadows gives the photo a scale texture appearance making the photo very unique.

My next photo is a close-up overview of a cactus. This photo was taken in a garden and uses a bit of editing to make all the colours in the photo seen and to make the colours stand out. This photo is quite abstract as it shows a unique angle of viewing a cactus and the dimensions of the plant are quite odd. This photo portrays texture as the spikes, bumps and curves of the cactus are all captured in this one image. The photograph gives the audience a rough feeling of the cactus texture and how it feels spiky to touch.

My third photo is of a leaf that I captured with lots of rain droplets scattered across it. This photo was taken after it had rained. The photo uses editing to bring out all the colours displayed in the photo such as the pinks and purples, not just the realistic colours. This photograph displays texture as the rain droplets on the leaf give the plant a rubber type of texture and a smooth texture to feel it.


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