Treasures of the Earth


Micah Tinsley

Finalist in

Lower Primary Category

Written Statement

Rocks have the most amazing textures! These photos are of some of my favourite rocks in my rock collection. I am eight years old and I have been collecting special rocks and crystals since I was five.

I like collecting rocks and minerals because they are cool to look at. The light shines in different ways when it reflects off the rocks. Each rock is one of a kind, with different colours, patterns and shapes.

The first photo is pyrite (also known as ‘fool’s gold’). The texture is rough and bumpy, but it sparkles and shines like gold.

The second photo is the inside of a geode. The crystals look like a shiny white snow cave. This texture is lumpy with some sharp edges.

The third photo is a leopardite crystal. I like the purple colour and the tiny bits that shimmer. Its texture is rough and bumpy.

I chose to take photos of these rocks because they each have interesting textures. I shone a light on each rock and focused the screen to show the tiny details. I also cropped the photos.


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