Puffing Billy


Emmerson Bechaz

Finalist in

Lower Primary Category

Written Statement

My mum does lots of running and we go to lots of places around Australia to support her. On the weekend, we went to her race at Puffing Billy. She had to run up lots of hills and try to beat the train to where we were waiting. We had to wait a while and it was pretty cold.

While we were waiting, Dad gave me his phone and I took some photos of things I saw. There was lots of texture in lots of things. I got a sausage in bread and I ate the sausage. I fed the ducks and then gave the other water birds the rest of my bread. I got to feed one of the birds by hand and it jumped up in the air to get the bread and I felt its beak on my finger. I took some photos of an old clock, a steam train and the feet of one of the birds that got really really close. I zoomed in to take the photos and I used the buttons on Dad’s phone to change the colours and make them bigger.


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