Bittersweet Moments


Meg Godfrey

Winner of

Upper Secondary Category

Written Statement

I wanted to create a nostalgic reminiscent look with each of my photos because reminiscence has this bittersweet feeling that has always fascinated me and brought me a sort of melancholy joy. To do this, I tried to keep the costumes timeless and classic with a bit of a modern twist. I created an aged look with compositing photographs I took of decaying things (deteriorated wall, damaged window, dead leaves, etc.).

My images are self-portraits that capture little moments of bittersweet happiness derived from the end of autumn when all the leaves have fallen, the moment rain begins to fall and the moment I finish the last chapter of the last book in my ‘to-read’ pile. I cropped my images to 4×5 to keep the size consistent. I used warm tones in the highlights and a combination of magenta and blue for the shadows. I kept the subject mostly central in the frame. Each image is a combination of different photographs.

The one involving rain is composed of a photograph I took of a window, one of my face, one of some parkland for the reflection and a photo of rain on a window.

The one involving books is composed of a shot of me sitting on a pile of books, a photo I took of a basement wall and a photo I took of ivy on a wall as well as a texture.

The autumnal image is composed of a shot of me and shots of leaves in mid-air. I used a combination of natural light and white soft box light and used various shutter speeds ranging from fifteen seconds for the basement wall to 1/200 sec to capture the leaves.


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