Best Friend


Antonia Salazar

Finalist in

Upper Secondary Category

Written Statement

I decided to explore the theme by showing an aspect of my life that always brought happiness to me and my family: my dog. She was gifted to me when I was two years old as a Christmas present, and throughout my life she was a constant therapy. She would keep me company and would always bring a smile to my face. As she was getting older, I cherished our memories more and more, and seeing her fight through the pain to be with us made me feel not only happy, but loved.

These photos were taken ten minutes before the vet arrived to put her down. Although the moment was incredibly bittersweet, I cannot describe the happiness I felt knowing that she was not going to suffer anymore, and she could finally rest.

Since we had the window wide open, I didn’t use any artificial lighting. I wanted to have a small depth of field in order to bring more emphasis on my dog and make her the primary subject / focal point. I also used a EF50mm f/1.8 II lens with a 50mm focal lens in order to have a closer, more intimate photograph. As with post-production editing, I used Camera Raw and brought the vibrance up a bit more to have a higher emphasis on the red plush toy. The toy, which has the words ‘Best Friends’ further represent both the love I have towards my dog as well as what she means to me.

I wanted to present to the audience not only how happy she has made my life these past fifteen years, but also how happy I was to watch her rest after many months of struggle.


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