My Brothers


Alexi Prosper

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Upper Primary Category

Written Statement

In this entry I’ve used my brothers to inspire me.

The first one is of my brother Louie. He loves to dance like me. He is the cutest three-year-old ever (while a bit bossy)! When he was two he couldn’t walk for nine days. He had X-rays and blood tests and they were all fine, but he couldn’t walk. Then, one day he put on my dance concert DVD (which he loves dancing to) and was dancing! We were so happy to see him walk again. Plus, it was my dance DVD so that made me feel really happy.

My second one is of my ten-month-old brother Alby. Here he is, only visible by his feet, because he has recently figured out how to move around and has been tummy-crawling everywhere. One day I was with him on the rug, then for five seconds, I looked at the TV, and when I looked back I saw his feet crawling around a corner. I found it hilarious! It’s funny how fast he can move!

This last one is of Kohen, my seven-year-old brother. I had to take millions of photos of him because he is a big pain when it comes to photos. The whole time he is looking at the camera he has his tongue poking out, but I found one without his tongue. Kohen’s laugh makes everyone laugh; it’s contagious! One day Kohen was being extremely naughty and cheeky, but he kept saying jokes and we’d look away so he couldn’t see us smile and he’d go: ‘You’re laughing, aren’t you?’ We would say no, and he’d go: ‘Yes, you are! I see you smiling!’ I had to leave the room and laugh.

So my brothers make me happy: Louie’s dancing, Alby’s crawling and Kohen’s laughter.


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