Happy Days on the Farm


Ebony Barker

Finalist in

Upper Primary Category

Written Statement

When I thought about the theme, ‘This Makes Me Happy’, it was pretty easy. My favourite thing I do most mornings is to grab my camera and take a stroll down the paddock to capture nature shots. I love it when the sun rises and goes down again, especially when the mornings are so cold.

Photography is a very special thing I love to do. I love taking pictures of birds, insects and my pet animals. I’m really happy with how my photos turned out. I took quite a few on each and played around with the angles which changed the photos dramatically; it even added personality and humour to the photos.

Using black and white made the shots more defined and added drama. Each of my photos where taken in our paddock.

Both the emu and the cow are my pets.

The last photo is a picture of my sister who comes with me most days and we take photos together and try and see who gets the best shots.


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