Clean, Swim and Quench


Jaime Clarke

Finalist in

Upper Primary Category

Written Statement

Water compels me. There’s nothing like the sensations accompanying a dive into the deeps of a saltwater pool, quenching your thirst with a block of cold ice or wading out from a bubble bath fresh and clean. One or two interesting subjects is all I needed to create these three memorable photos.

One photo depicts my sister holding a piece of ice in her fingers. We were both on a plane. To create depth I included the high blue sky in the background, which resulted in having multiple subjects in my scene (the sky and the hand with the ice). To do this I align the ice with the edge of the plane window (diagonally within the frame). This created a more balanced and harmonious composition.

Another photo takes advantage of the natural light in my house to depict the joy on my sister’s face during bath time. As you can see there is a slight shadow over the left-hand side of her face, which creates an impression that she has cleaned only the left-hand side of her face. The negative space in this image is the bubbles that surround her, highlighting the peaceful tranquility created by the water.

The final photo captures the ‘ripples’ as a form of ‘symmetry’ in my backyard pool, this calm (and symmetrical look) is broken as my friend moves her feet through the water. Instead of using flash on this overcast day, I took advantage of the sources of natural light. This light can be seen to shine through the ripples of the water. The dark colour at the top of the image was a deliberate edit; it captured the weather on the day which was slightly overcast, but also highlighted the clean water rippling through my friends feet.


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