The Simplicity of Happy


Amber Botterill

Winner of

Open Category

Written Statement

As adults we often forget the simple things in life. We forget to take the time and embrace the things that make us smile, make us imagine and make us happy. Often when asked what makes us happy, as adults, we struggle to answer, looking for a deeper meaning to such a question. Therefore the images I have chosen explore the ways in which my children find wonder and happiness in the everyday, simple moments of their day.

I have always been a great lover and believer of ‘light’. So within these images light is definitely an important part of each story, as the colour and vibrancy of the light also helps embrace the warmth and the happiness within the images. These images make me feel warm, they make me feel thankful for the simple but amazing memories we have together and above all, they make me feel happy!

Whether it be singing their favourite song at the top of their lungs through noise-cancelling headphones, marvelling at a rope buried deep in the sandy beach and imagining the hidden treasure they are about to reveal, or snuggled up with the family ‘bear dog’ watching the world go by – my kids’ simple actions of happiness have me reminiscing on these images and realising this makes me happy too!


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