Freedom of Discovery


Julie Kenny

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Written Statement

Being a teacher is so rewarding, but it can also be quite regimented. I find that my day is often defined by bells: when to teach, when to eat, when to finish the day. I am frequently so busy helping others with their photography that I have little time for my own work. This is why my solo road trip through Tasmania in April was so rewarding and brought me so much happiness.

The freedom to explore different locations, to trek at my own pace at Cradle Mountain, to take in the sunset at Binalong Bay, staying up late to case the Southern Aurora, bonding with a wombat on Maria Island and rising early to capture the sunrise over tessellated pavement.

Even the challenging aspects of the trip were rewarding: Navigating those winding roads in wet and icy conditions safely and making it to the end of the trip without adding to the roadkill toll were wins. Discovering the different environments of Tassie was eye-opening. Passing through amazing forests and then experiencing the visual shock of a cleared plantation was quite a contrast.

I have noticed that some of my students are afraid of making mistakes. I try to encourage them to accept ‘epic fails’ as I call them, as key learning experiences. Some of my mistakes and wrong turns during this trip lead to the discovery of the most beautiful scenery.

I think the reason I felt so energised during this trip was because I could immerse myself in the beauty and diversity of Tasmania’s landscapes. I think my happiness during this time was also based in the freedom of choice, feeling empowered and responsible for my own decisions.


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