The Colours That Make My Life


Isis Van Mook

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

There are many things in life that make me happy. One thing that stands out is the ability to freeze a moment and compose a picture of an experience: photography. ‘This Makes Me Happy’ inspired me to start thinking about how to capture personal happiness. I decided that I would take photos in the moment, when I felt truly happy.

Happiness comes in many forms. It’s in simple creative things like baking at home, in emotional things like the unconditional love of my dog, and in physical art, like doing silks at circus school. I took many photos to explore this theme, but every time I look at the three I chose, I smile and I hope that others smile too. Once I had my three photos I wanted to make them stand out. I did this by using colours to emphasise happiness against a background that others may see as dull, hence the grey.

My dog is grey, but his personality shows colour in itself. I’m interested how other people see and interpret the photos. Whenever my dog Stanley is around, it’s impossible not to be happy. His carefree attitude and his clever tricks will forever put a smile on my face.

As well as photography, I really enjoy doing aerial silks. When I am up there on the silks, I am at peace and always enjoying myself.

Baking is another one of my hobbies, I enjoy doing this with my friends and family.

Overall these photos exemplify the good things in life for me.


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