Our Place Among the Stars


Austin Turpin

Winner of

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

The stars have astounded and inspired me even before I started photography. It was this love for the stars that lead me to start taking pictures of them, which ended up as photography in general being my passion, so I saw it fitting to submit photos of stars. Obviously a very slow shutter was used; 20–30 seconds is my usual. The problem with such a slow shutter is how hard it is to stay still for so long! They ended up turning out very well though, and I’m very happy with the results.

We were on a trip to the mountains. I knew there was no light pollution there so it would be the perfect place and time. Just when I started to get excited, I realised that the moon was out, and very close to the Milky Way. We went quite early to try and take photos before it bleached the whole sky, and it worked. In my opinion, the moon created an amazing silhouette around me. I set my camera to a timer and ran for it.

The third photo was actually in my driveway, but the other two were in the mountains and the glowing object in the third photo is a candle I lit to find my way around, but I ended up using it as a prop, and I’m glad I did.

The stars make me happy, and I feel at home when I gaze up at them, despite where I am in the world.


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