Models Come in All Species


Darcey Kilner

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

The theme is ‘This Makes Me Happy’ and when looking at these pictures I can 100 per cent say this is true. I chose to explore the theme in this way because there is something so innocent and pure about the interactions between animals and people, purely trying to understand one another, that brings happiness to many people.

When taking these images I had to play with my perspective and take many shots to get as up close and personal with the animals as I could. For all three of these shots I used a 35mm lens. I shot in the middle of a sunny day, and positioned myself so the sun would bounce off the animals’ faces. It also allowed me to get vibrant colours and display how beautiful they were.

I captured the meerkat at eye level as it was up on a platform, however when shooting the lemurs I had to adjust to their level, lying on the floor to get to their eye level. It was a highly interesting experience.

When shooting the lemurs I found myself often laughing at their antics and how much they love to model for crowds. My personal experience while taking this pictures was a very fun one, and definitely a happy memory to look back on.


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