Live Life


Jake Frazer

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

I chose three pictures that are visually different but bring the same things to our life: happiness. From jumping off a cliff and flying like a bird, to eating your grandmother’s homemade biscuits, to time spent with your favourite animal, a horse.

I use a Canon 800D with an 18–135mm lens and no tripod. I try to take the photos early morning or late afternoon for best light and minimal glare. When this isn’t possible, I change my shutter speed or position the subject at different lengths and angles to achieve the best shot possible.

The biscuit photo was taken manually and no filters or effects were added.

The paraglider and bridge photo were taken on an automatic shutter speed, aperture, ISO and focus as the subject was constantly moving and a long way away. Filters were added to bring out colours and textures. I wanted to capture the paraglider with the bridge in the background as I had to make the image special.

The horse photo was taken manually focused but on automatic mode. This is because of the moving subject and short amount of time available to take the photos. This photograph was photoshopped with filters added and a strand of hair removed. The eye was brown blending in with the brown hair of the horse so I gave the fur surrounding the eye a blueish tinge to make the eye stand out. I believe the editing of these photos is just as important and isn’t cheating as it allows the photographer to further capture emotion.

These images show how enjoyment comes from different parts of life including animals, food, sport and architecture.


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