Life Is Amazing


Jake Frazer

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

Happiness comes in all shapes and forms. From the rust on an iconic car model, to the colours and shape on amazing flowers and the vibrant lights from a busy street at night.

The car photo was taken late in the afternoon. There wasn’t much light in the image and I didn’t have a tripod to allow for a slow shutter speed so in post, I drew on the dark colours and added a vignette. I took the pictures on automatic with no flash. I wanted to show the beauty in the wrecked car, taking the shot from an angle that highlighted the imperfections. I made sure the vignette didn’t hide too much of the background as I wanted to place the viewer in the field and give context.

The flowers (cyclamid) were taken close to midday when the sun was still shining bright so it was difficult to get rid of the glare. The glass table lit the flowers well achieving a natural look. I took the photos backlighting the subject which made the petals glow around the edges. The photo was taken automatically at a normal shutter speed and high f-stop. I didn’t need a high ISO. I decided to fill the frame as after looking at all the photos I thought the light was better this way. This way the edges of the petals lead your gaze around, not focusing on a single subject.

The night photo was taken at a shutter speed of twenty seconds. I had a two-second timer to avoid camera shake. This took multiple attempts because of factors such as people crossing the street and cars. I wanted a wide angle and chose to include the pavement instead of black sky. The pavement became an interesting foreground.


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