Brisbane City Makes Me Happy


William Wright

Finalist in

Lower Secondary Category

Written Statement

I chose to explore this theme in the creative way that I did because it reflects what part of my city I enjoy. From living in Brisbane for most of my life, I have found out what aspects of this city I love. From sunny weather, to the nightlife of this city, I have found that the city lights make me happy. Standing on the cold, wet sand under the Story Bridge at 7.30pm, with my camera and tripod, I found that this is what makes me happy and proud to live in such an amazing city.

In order to show my creativity and passion for the city, I decided to frame my photos in such way that the subject is the centre focus with the night lights in the background. Whether combining multiple long exposures capturing multiple steel wool shots, or setting up my camera dangerously close to the Brisbane River to get that stunning reflection, these choices reflect what make me happy. To create such a vivid photo collection, I shot at night-time, as the sun goes down and the lights come out, using long exposures for detail and creating a clean and elegant post-processing style. Choosing a low perspective on a wide-angle lens to ensure the city lights can be seen from the perfect angle.

My photos combined explore the theme of ‘This Makes Me Happy’ by illustrating the amount of work in design and production that was needed to create such a spontaneous nightlife scene in Brisbane. From the stunning architecture to the range of colours and lights that the buildings of Brisbane emit, these photos express my happy moment.

This is what makes me happy, what about you?


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