The Calmness of the Water


Phoenix McArthur

Finalist in

Lower Primary Category

Written Statement

The calmness of the water draws people from far and wide. It makes people feel relaxed and happy. The water seems so peaceful and gentle.

The jetty is a place that lots of people like to walk on and fish from. They seem to enjoy the company of the water like I do when I am there. It is like a memory you like to keep hold of, so I made it look misty and a bit faded around the edges while cropping close to the jetty. The sailboats were wonderful to watch as the crowd grew from the shore looking on.

They set sail making a trail in the water. It was a warm sunny day and the colours of the sun shone on the sailboats so I enhanced this look. The calmness of the water continues to draw people individually or in groups as it is a place of happiness.

The kites across the sandbank drew me to the sand as I watched them scatter across the sky. The colours of the kites looked good with the blue clear water and white sand.


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