Adventure on the High Sea


Phoenix McArthur

Winner of

Lower Primary Category

Written Statement

I like adventure and this pirate ship is all about adventure. Adventure makes me feel happy, a place to be someone else. The pirate ship was very well-made because it was like a real pirate ship. It was black and made with heavy big bits of wood and ropes. It looked like it was from another time. A time to embark on adventures of the high seas.

I was first drawn to how the pirate ship looked sitting on the ocean against the sky and the other boats in the harbour. I made the first photograph black and white which captured that it was from a time long ago.

When on board the deck I liked to look out to where it could take you, so I cropped the image to show just the deck and sky. Again making the photo black and white to show escape into a time long ago.

The last image was an interesting perspective. I looked up to see the mast, ropes and sail all coming to a point. I kept the colour of the blue sky to show the happiness of new adventures.


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