Celestial Backyard


Molly Wildes


Upper Secondary Category


This theme inspired me to think outside the box and what part of my surrounding backyard I could explore and show more of. I was always interested in the night sky and what was beyond the stars and how many stars and objects were up there that we couldn’t see. My series reflects on my interest in astrophotography and I chose to explore this theme with my images as they present a story of moving around. In the first image you can see life within the house and the link between the sky and us as humans, in the second image you can still find a link between life and stars as the movement of the car in the image reflects life, as for the last image I like to think it has a deeper effect as it has little to no link to life and humans and reflects the whole depth of the milky way. When taking these images I had to ensure there was little to no clouds as during the star trail images the clouds would have moved through the frame and blurred out all the stars so I would not get the effect I wanted. I used a fisheye lens because I liked the rounded effect it gave the image because it helps lead the eye into the image. The settings I used when taking these images included a shutter speed of 30 seconds, an aperture 4.0 or lower and an ISO between 1600 and 3200 as i wanted to allow as much light into the camera as possible while still keeping the detail of the surrounding landscape. I also used manual focus as i had to ensure all the stars and objects in the image were in focus in order to create depth to the image.



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