Astrological Backyard


James Filip Ciupac


Upper Secondary Category


I chose to explore the theme of ‘My Backyard’ with an astrological approach. This is because astrology is a fascinating subject to photograph and requires a lot of effort when executing the desired shot – which, of course, I was willing to do, due to the quality and diverse shots available.

The choices I had to make in producing the photos I have presented required much timing, sacrifice and effort. This is because, as all should know, astrophotography is done at night. I had to decide when to go out and take shots, and this depended on specific factors such as what time the moon would set, when there was no moon, positioning the foreground to give more information, when the Milky Way is at optimal height, etc. These factors were the less important than one major factor: light pollution. As most photographers know, when taking astrological shots, the light coming from a small town to a large city can greatly affect how the shot turns out, or even if the shot is presentable. Therefore, I took this huge factor into consideration and made the choice to travel around 1500 kilometres from Perth to Karijini, in order to minimise light pollution and achieve the smaller factors of capturing the moon, Milky Way, etc. to get the desired shots.

All of my photos explore the theme of ‘My Backyard’ to my desired taste: that of astrophotography. The only way I had to make it mine was to apply my own perspective, preferences and adjustments to each shot, to make them unique to everyone else’s. This is why I chose the night sky as my ‘backyard’.



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