The Things Around Me


Greta Scuderi


Upper Primary Category


I chose to interpret ‘My Backyard’ in this way because taking pictures of your backyard isn’t interesting, so I realised I had to look outside the box. My dad lives in an apartment, and I thought I should take some pictures over there since it is my home, too.

My first photo is of a slide at a park near my dad’s place. I used an app called Prisma that changes the colour and design of a photo. The perspective is from the eyes of someone sliding down the slide. The blossom is also at my dad’s place. I took the photo up close because I liked the background being blurry, and I wanted to see the petals up close clearly. I prioritised the aperture. My last photo is of a staircase at my dad’s apartment. This perspective is better than looking up from the bottom of the stairs because there is more light at the bottom, so you can see it better and it just looks better in general. I took four different exposures and chose the best light and clearness. The speed of the shutter was 1/60 and the aperture was f3.5 with a fast ISO.



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