It’s the Simple Things that Make Life Awesome!


Tom Withers


Upper Primary Category


Incredible living! My life is amazing, living in my backyard. I live on the Fleurieu Peninsula. I am so grateful to live among colourful sunsets; warm, clean water with very little pollution; and an abundance of natural wonders, like the jellyfish. I photographed at Port Noarlunga when snorkelling with my dad. My backyard = adventures, family time and natural experiences.

I am so lucky and know it is my responsibility to look after my backyard, with all of its beauty and wonder. I must be careful of what I do to the environment, and make sure I only leave my footprints and only take photos, nothing else.

I don’t know much yet about shutter speed and cropping, but I am trying to learn. I know how to take a selfie, like the one in my pool! I love this photo because water is so important to me. Our pool is a new addition to our backyard and has been so much fun. I like the bubble coming out of my nose.

I have saved my pocket money, my Christmas money and my birthday money for the last five months, and bought myself a camera. I love photographing beautiful moments. I want people to look at my photos and know it is wonderful to be alive today in such a wonderful world – and, if they only look around their backyard, they will feel the same way, too.



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