Eye of Sarah


Sarah Powe


Upper Primary Category


My photos are from my own backyard. I love it out there, as it has lots of plants, birds, animals and a fish pond. But it is not just for looking at – it helps us dry our clothes. Sometimes it grows things it shouldn’t, but they are still interesting.

I like to explore in my backyard, and took the camera around to look at these things. I had to wait until the sun came out to get the best pictures. I wanted to take photos in the morning, when everything looks fresh. I took some photos quickly but found they were not good, so I took my time and tried to see how it would look as a picture through the lens of my dad’s camera. I took the photo of the clothes line on my back to get a different view, with the sky above and some of the tree hanging over. I had to use the macro setting to get the close-up of the azalea flower.

The three photos I have chosen show the things I like about my backyard, which is fun, interesting and always surprising.



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