Different Angles


Alexi Prosper


Vanessa Fairhead


Tapping Primary School, WA


Upper Primary Category


These three photos are of different points of view around my garden. The spider web was lurking in one of the corners of our carport roof. Mum’s camera couldn’t zoom in, so I had to get close to it (‘Please don’t have a spider in the web, please don’t have a spider in the web!’). Thankfully, there was no spider – phew! I edited in a lightroom, and made the photo black-and-white and cropped it a bit.

The one in our garage has a bit of leading lines and of our new car. It reminds me of how Mum was pregnant with her fourth baby, and we had to get a new car. A few days after we got the new car, our old car went crazy, and the windows were opening and closing, and music was playing very loud. (Good, funny memories!)

My third and last photo is of a lot of weeds that grow in my garden. It reminded me of how my two-year-old brother, Louie, likes blowing the seeds, and how Kohen, my six-year-old brother, thinks that if you make a wish and blow the seeds, then your wish will come true. I made it black-and-white like the other two photos because I liked the effect.

These photos remind me of memories and how I hate spiders – which I will already remember because I still do not like spiders! – as well as how I like taking photos with different angles. (Also, what would it be like looking at my garden if I was a spider?)



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