Bondi Backyard Beach


Jaime Clarke


Upper Primary Category


Who said you have to travel to the other side of the globe to experience the natural wonders of the world? Some of the world’s best-kept secrets are right here in our own Australian backyard.

I’ve been going to Bondi Beach with my sister for years now, and all you need are two items when you go digging in your backyard beach. The first is a bucket. The second is a shovel. And that is because the greatest beach toy in the world is not a toy at all – it’s a hole. You work your hands and your forearms, and you get to wrench your back repeatedly, which is healthy. But the real fun in digging is the mental aspect. My sister spends every beach dig pretending that she is searching for ‘shell gold’. That’s why sometimes she forgoes the shovel entirely and gets right to hand-digging.

I took these photos using a mobile phone. Timing was everything (one does not want to get hit by a wave and drop the phone in the water). All the photos were taken under the midday sun. To obtain a shadow, I needed to ask my sister to move her body around.



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