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Kaycee Mitchell


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My imagination took me across the globe,
While my feet danced across my backyard.

– Cameron Pfeifer, ‘Backyard Adventurer’

I choose to explore this theme as a photo is supposed to show a thousand words; as I will be leaving in the span of the next two or three months, I want to be able to remember my home, my backyard. The photos have all been taken around my backyard. These are photos of things that inspire me and make me believe in this world as a whole.

Everybody has told me that you die twice: when you are buried, and the last time someone mentions your name. However, a star, by the time we see it, is often already dead; it takes over a thousand years for its light to reach us. Stars also need darkness to shine, so when I am facing a hard time or darkness in my life, I look up to the stars above my backyard. The night sky is also everywhere; it doesn’t change where you stand, and there are no boundaries.

The flower is symbolic, as beauty doesn’t last forever and, in my eyes, everybody should bloom as bright as they can before life passes by. The flower will also be long gone by the time I return from further study, which means my backyard is forever changing – just like my life is.

I chose light spinning as my last entry as it is a photo I am very proud of. It took place in my backyard, and helps to make the space bigger. It also shows a void of light that is able to stand out in the darkness – and I like to stand out rather than be normal.



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