Lost but Never Forgotten, but What is Left Grows on You


Panayoti Psorakis


Open Category


One night, after rugby training, I came back home to see smoke rising from the roof of my home, my mother outside crying while in awe of the red ember god who engulfed our house. Apparently, a faulty toaster – tragedy. Three years have gone by, and we have rebuilt. To be honest, it isn’t the same home it once was, but new qualities have arisen, such as a green vine that creeps along our garden wall, which is a reminder not only of the cult classic The Day of the Triffids, but also of persistence, which my parents displayed in rebuilding this place. It acts almost as a tribute to what they have accomplished. The next photo shows mosquitoes in the sunlight. When I first saw these hovering, I thought they would be fireflies – a harsh reminder of the difficult past.

Finally, the traffic light. Somehow, this was one of the few things that survived the fire in our back garden; it really is a blessing to see it still working because a lot of my childhood memories revolve around this alien object in our backyard. Always, I would refer to it as ‘go’ because of my fascination with the green light. Lately, in one of my art projects, I stuck a female sticker to introduce the idea of the green man not being the dominant figure in traffic, if that is what you are wondering. I did not set out to accomplish a landscape shot of my garden, as I believe it is the smaller flora/creatures/objects that are more significant. These little things make up my backyard and my memories that are, to me, unique.



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