Found or Noticed in My Family’s Backyard


Geoff Jackson


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As I move about my backyard, I find, from time to time, living things with which I share the space. The very individual flowers of the leek vegetable; the way light is split up into its constituent parts as it peeps over the back fence; the snail I rescued as it headed into the outdoor rubbish bin, and preventing it from becoming landfill; and the green grub as it sought a secure place for its further development on my five-year-old grandson’s underwear, hanging on the clothesline. Owing to its early age and inexperience, it’s also a less-than-perfect hideout from marauding magpies.

To be able to appreciate and marvel at these beautiful living things in my backyard, I tread carefully and observe all before me. Having a camera close at hand is a must to capture these beautiful creatures, and I have found that generally, by using its automatic mode, I can concentrate on composing the most appealing images, doing justice to my subjects.



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