The Overlooked Beauty


Phoebe Davis


Lower Secondary Category


My photos explore the world through a macro lens. Life can look more interesting, intriguing and even very different close up. An example of this might be a butterfly’s wing. They look beautiful and velvet-like from afar but, when up close, the wings show a mosaic of veins, scales, dust and beautiful colours that mix to make the overall structure.

To heighten the colours and soften the shadows, I chose a day when the sun was behind the clouds, and the sky, mostly overcast. This helped give a delicate appearance to the petals of the orchid and a jewel-like appearance to the dew on the pansies. I love the reflections you see in the water droplets. Somehow, the reflections capture the world outside the photograph even if that’s not the focus of the picture.

The perspective I chose was at eye level for the orchid, and lower for the pansies. I chose the level angle for the orchid because I wanted the middle tube with the purple tiger stripes to draw the eye into the centre of the flower. I wanted the rest of the petals to recede into the edges of the photo. I chose the lower angle for the pansies so the water droplets popped up. I imagined the way it might look through a small animal’s eyes – for example, an ant. The way the dew beads on the petal gives a sense of freshness and stillness.

I love the way my camera lets me explore my backyard over and over again, and allows me to make new discoveries every time, from the tiny animals to the amazing details hidden from our normal eyes. It’s an amazing world if you search for it.



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