The Glow in the Shadow


Kyle Braganca


Lower Secondary Category


I like the way I’ve addressed this, as I’ve skipped how we first look at plants and explored the ‘glow in the shadows’ of the plants. I’ve used dusk to my advantage because, as night comes out, so do shadows – and the setting sun provides an amazing glow.

I’ve given my first photo the name ‘Napalm’ because, like its proper use, the shadow behind the plant is lit up like an exploding napalm bomb. As sad as it is, this photo, to me, reflects our society: the people in charge with a beautiful smile, but behind them, in the shadows, is a fiery devastating truth. Behind beauty may be sparks of hope, but there can also be sparks of fury right in our backyard.

In my second photo, ‘A New Light’, I see some dried leaves with potential. As the sun comes down to our level, these old leaves transform into something that definitely deserves to be looked at. The glow of the sun is perfectly captured by the outline of the old leaves and helps them stand out against the black background, giving them a new light.

My third photo is ‘Mother Nature’s Children’. So many people take the plants and trees in our backyard for granted, and yet only a handful of people in the whole world are given the gift to see our backyard – our life – from so many more perspectives. By photographing the world we take for granted, I hope more people can learn to see how great these everyday items are. The purity of the white flower shows Mother Nature herself, with a green environmental glow promoting her leaves and children, showing the world the true beauty behind something ordinary.



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