Love is Energy


Shirley Suresh Kumar


Lower Secondary Category


I chose to explore the theme the way I did because of a close friend who told me, ‘The world needs love right now.’ I couldn’t agree more with her statement, which is why I chose to enter these photos into the competition. I want to be able to spread such love and positivity into the world, even in a small way. I want people to be able to smile when they see my shots and feel happy inside!

The choices I made in creating my photos were as follows. For my first shot, I wanted to shoot in the dark and use a sparkler, so that the radiant light and sparks that emit from the heart could be seen. My second shot uses the ‘bokeh’ effect, and was also taken in the dark so the lights and sparkly Christmas tree ornament could stand out. Finally, my last photo was taken in broad daylight, with the subjects (the girls) centered in the composition.

My Nikon D3200 camera was set to auto for all the photos, but only my first shot involved a self-timer (for ten seconds). I used Photoshop to crop and straighten all my photos. I didn’t play around with the colour or change the composition because I was happy with the originals. Overall, I think the photos I have chosen explore the theme of ‘My Backyard’. My first shot was taken in my own backyard, while the other two were taken in places that fit under this umbrella of places close to home. As I titled this entry ‘Love Is Energy’, I decided to incorporate energy in the form of light and kinetic energy, as well as things that make me happy, such as celebrations like Christmas, my friends and a love-heart, which sends a message that I wholeheartedly (pun not intended) support!



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